High Demand for Casino Dealer Jobs in Canada

Casino Dealer Jobs in Canada

Casino occupations are in high demand across Canada. If you have the right skill set, you could get a provincial nomination which would give you 600 extra Permanent Residency points towards your immigration application.

While the salary may not seem much on paper, dealers receive hourly tips that can boost their take-home pay significantly. However, there are other things that you need to keep in mind before pursuing this career path.

Education and Training

If you’re serious about becoming a dealer it pays to get some training first. There are several casino schools out there that offer certification courses in blackjack, poker, and roulette. These are an excellent way to show a prospective employer you’re serious and will be able to hit the ground running.

As a casino worker you’ll have close contact with customers and are essentially the face of the business. A bright personality is something that most pit bosses value over experience and skill.

Working in a casino is not for everyone, particularly those who can’t deal with shift work or unsociable hours. Most casinos are nocturnal and you’ll be expected to work weekends. However, you can make a good living from player tips which can boost your earnings to around minimum wage. This can quickly add up if you’re dealing at a popular table or participating in casino tournaments.


Casino dealers have to be licensed by law to work. To qualify, you’ll need photo ID and proof of residency and are required to pass a criminal records check as standard. Since you’ll be handling hundreds of transactions each shift, this is an essential part of the role.

Pit bosses also value a good personality over anything else, especially if you’re able to interact with players and take part in player tournaments. This is one of the ways to differentiate your application from the rest of the pack, and is something that’s a lot easier to demonstrate at the interview stage.

Another way to boost your chances of landing a casino dealer job is to train with an experienced dealer. They’ll be able to teach you everything you need to know about dealing to a professional standard. Investing in some lessons might cost you, but could save you a world of heartache down the line.


While it may sound glamorous, working as a dealer in a casino isn’t all fun and games (and $100 dollar tips). Casino pit bosses are always looking for good character as well as skill at the tables.

The ability to add, subtract, and multiply in their heads is a must-have for any casino dealer. That’s because pit bosses need to know how much each hand is worth so they can accurately calculate payouts.

Dealers are also required to pass a Criminal Records check and must be trustworthy around money. They can’t hide any misdemeanours on their record – they’ll be spotted during the live audition process.

If a non-unionized casino worker in Canada is fired for a reason unrelated to medical leave or disability, they have employment rights including severance pay. You can use Samfiru Tumarkin LLP’s Pocket Employment Lawyer app to find out more about your rights. Many employers try to avoid severance pay by classifying employees as contractors rather than employees.


If you’re looking for a flexible career option consider becoming a casino dealer. You can earn good tips and work on unsociable shifts, but you also get to develop your performance techniques and entertain players. In addition, you’ll be able to move to Canada under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

You need to complete a dealer training course to become licensed, which can be done on the job. However, casinos prefer applicants who’ve completed a recognized dealer school. This is because they’re usually more familiar with the country’s gambling laws and vetting processes.

Additionally, they can perform better during a live audition. Furthermore, casino dealers are required to pass a background check, so you’ll need to be trustworthy around money. Lastly, if you’re colour blind, you should declare it on your application. Otherwise, it won’t take long for a pit boss to spot you in the casino. And they won’t be happy about it. So, make sure to practice your colours!

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